Speakers - ANON Summit 2020 - Blockchain Conference
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Austrian Minister of Digitalisation and Economics

European Commissioner Innovation & Youth

Author of Mastering Bitcoin Speaker | Entrepreneur | Commentator

Co-Founder & CEO Bitpanda

Director of Ecosystem Hyperledger

Director, NEO

Head of Banking (Europe) Kraken

Head, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Founder & CEO, StakerDAO

CEO Investment Punk Academy

Senior Manager BDO

Head of Collaborations Polkadot

Senior Writer, Bitcoinist

Founder, www.StartupStudio.online Honorary Ph.D in Blockchain

Managing Partner LANSKY, GANZGER + partner

CEO Energy Web Foundation

Business Development (Europe), MakerDAO

Vice President, Ledger

CEO CoreLedger AG

Partner Scytale Ventures

Deputy Head of the General Secretariat ,Sveriges Riksbank

Managing Partner NÄGELE Attorneys

Executive Director Exante

Founder, Tokenization Limited

Technical Educator Web3 Foundation

CTO, Consortio Group

Co-Founder & CMO, WinWin Solutions

Developer Relations Engineer Tendermint Inc.

Editorial Director Coin Rivet

CEO, Brutkasten

CEO Cointelligence


Technical Governance Board Sovrin Foundation