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Workshops at ANON

Web 3.0 and the Internet of Blockchains deep dive

Bruno Skvorc - Technical Educator, Web3 Foundation

The world is changing and the intermediaries who we’ve come to depend on for convenience have turned on us. They have to be replaced. In this deep dive, we’ll go through the root of the problem and show why we need web 3.0, before diving into how specifically Polkadot and Web3 Foundation are tackling the issue head on.

Decentralized Identifiers

Markus Sabadello - Technical Board, Sovrin Foundation

Decentralized Identifiers are the foundational building block for emerging decentralized or “self-sovereign” digital identity ecosystems. This technology is being standardized at the World Wide Web Consortium, and hundreds of projects, consortia, and other initiatives around the world are currently experimenting with it. We will soon see these early initiatives to graduate from a trial or experimentation phase into real-life digital identity infrastructure for individuals, organizations, and things.

With tokenization of assets to the leading edge

Ronald Frankl - Managing Partner, LGP

Planning and implementing a transaction of tokens. From the idea to legal aspects to the realisation. Presented by Ronald Frankl, Managing Partner and Head of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies at LGP.







Digital Assets: What, Why and How

Johannes Schweifer - CEO, Coreledger

In this workshop, participants will be able to understand what digital assets are, why we need them and how to create digital assets on blockchain. The workshop is conducted by the team of experienced DLT experts from CoreLedger and open for everyone. You will not only learn on the concept level, but also see real demo of creating digital assets in various use cases.

Come and join the workshop to learn how your businesses can benefit from digital assets.


Electronic voting for general meetings secured by blockchain

Zoltan Fazekas – Head of Blockchain Education, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

In pandemic times organizations cannot convene their regular annual general meetings. They need to switch to electronic voting. The transparency of blockchain combined with privacy preserving techniques like zero-knowledge proofs provide a sound basis for decentralized voting solutions. In this deep dive, we’ll get familiar with the building blocks of a voting protocol including Merkle proofs, zk-snarks, meta transactions and other advanced topics.

Technical analysis of crypto currencies

Salah-Eddine Bouhmidi - Head of Markets, Germany, Austria & Netherlands at IG

The cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy and according to the efficient market hypothesis, Bitcoin and Co. are not yet efficient. Markets that are not informational efficient can be traded profitably with the help of technical analysis.

From this I deduce that with the technical analysis it is possible to generate abnormal returns in the cryptocurrency market. In this webinar, I will use charts and statistical evaluations to show that technical analysis is a suitable instrument for trading cryptocurrencies.