ANON Summit

15 - 16 April 2020 | Vienna, Austria
Gather alongside the brightest minds the industry has to offer and exchange with likeminded people from all over the globe. Use the conference to network and find out what you and your business need to remain competitive in the future.

100 Speakers

Gain knowledge and learn from over 100 high quality speakers and innovators on how blockchain will affect the world of tomorrow.

40 Exhibitors

Experience 40 of the most innovative blockchain projects delivered by leading venutes and learn of their use cases first-hand.

2000 Attendees

Secure your place in the most innovative blockchain conference in Europe and benefit from the resulting network effects.

What It’s All About

Explore the world of Blockchain, AI & IoT

Humanity stands on the verge of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter our living, working and social conditions. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has ever experienced before. We do not yet know how it will unfold, but one thing is certain: the response must be holistic and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders in the global polity, from the public and private sectors to science and civil society. Understanding its impact and what will be required to support the fourth industrial revolution is a fundamental necessity. We at ANON offer a platform to support and promote this process of collaboration and discourse.

The ANON Summit 2020 will take place in Vienna and connect over 2000 attendees and over 100 speakers from over 50 countries. A unique experience and opportunity for corporates that want to learn how to take advantage of changing market conditions and for businesses that are seeking to recruit the most gifted talents.

Our Speakers

On Stage

Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Author of Mastering Bitcoin
Speaker | Entrepreneur | Commentator
Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
I&F Vaduz
Margarete Schramböck
Former Minister for Digital & Economic Affairs
John Velissarios
Managing Director
Accenture Global Blockchain
Thomas Riegler
Innovation and Digital Leader
PwC Austria
Stefan Andjelic
Blockchain Hub Lead
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Thomas Fuerstner
Founder and CTO
Riddle & Code
Mark Hamade
Private Equity Partner, Conscious Capitalist, Venture & PE Adviser
Ulli Spankowski
Managing Director
Börse Stuttgart Digital
Abhishek Punia
Draper Associates
Mike Ward
Head of Product Management
Joseph Young
Financial Analyst
Cryptocurrency Journalist

Driving Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Vienna

Throughout its existence, Vienna has always been a place of change. The city remains an important hub of both politics and digital progress and this played a huge part in choosing the world’s most liveable city for the home of our summit.

Do not miss out on the largest gathering of its kind in Central Europe. Our venue for the submmit will be announced soon, but we invite you to book your early-bird tickets already now, and secure yourself a spot among industry thought leaders and prominent decision-makers.

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